Firearm Transfers


Transfer fees for firearms is $15.00 per 4473 (background check form).  Up to 3 serial numbers can fit onto this form.  This means that you can pick up 3 firearms at a time for only $15!

Since storage space is limited, an additional $15 per firearm will be charged for every 30 days that has elapsed after the firearm arrives.

How it works

Lots of retailers already have my license information on file.  In that case, you can just select me off their list and I'll touch base when your firearm arrives!

Some retailers haven't worked with me yet, so they'll provide you with an email address where they want my license to be sent.  Give me that information plus your order number and I'll handle the rest.

Once your firearm arrives, I do my best to contact you within 48 hours.  If you're watching the tracking, feel free to touch base when it is marked delivered.  Please do not show up without contacting me first.  I am a one person operation, and if I'm not expecting anyone to come by, I may leave for any number of reasons.  I feel terrible when I return to missed calls and voicemails from someone who showed up to my door with nobody here to handle the transfer.

When you arrive, we'll fill out a few basic forms, and once a background check result comes back, the firearm is yours!

For information on how the background check works, you can feel free to call me with specific questions or do a google search for "NICS check" and you'll find a basic rundown on the system.

NFA Item Transfers


NFA Items include suppressors, short barreled shotguns, short barreled rifles, "Any Other Weapon", et cetera.  At this time I do not handle machine gun transfers.


Transfer fee for a Form 4 NFA item is $75.  This includes storage until the tax stamp is approved.

What happens while you wait

Many SOT dealers are also a gun range, so customers waiting on their tax stamp to be approved can come and "check out" their NFA item.  I am not a gun range, so this is not an option.  For items such as a suppressor, customers are welcome to come by and test fit onto

their firearm, take pictures, etc.  Just touch base with me to arrange this.